Back-to-School for College Seniors: Set your Expectations and Priorities Now

Congratulations College Seniors! You’ve worked so hard for the past three or so years, and finally have your finish line in sight. Senior year is an amazing time! We’re starting to talk to our senior clients now about managing their schedules so that career transition is part of the picture.

Highlights of Senior Year Include:

  • Pulling together your whole major in your capstone courses and proving yourselves to be experts at an academic subject
  • Doing original research in your thesis
  • Enjoying a rich social life with friendships you’ve cultivated over the past four years
  • Taking on leadership roles on sports teams and in other extracurricular activities
  • Planning your exciting future

While all of these are amazing experiences, your schedule is going to feel completely overwhelming at times. Here are some thoughts about how to juggle all of these great things.

There is NO SHAME in deciding to opt out of activities that don’t serve YOU this year.

No matter what pressure you feel, you’re not obligated to anyone – your coach, your parents, or your peers – to participate in extracurricular activities that no longer serve you and your future. I’ll never forget when Billy, a senior and one of the top baseball players on his Division III team, came to my office and told me “Professor, I’m not going to play this Spring.” He was burnt out, and wanted to focus on planning his career, getting good grades and spending time with friends during his final semester.

Billy worked hard on his resume and interview skills, networked like mad, and by the end of April he had a great job lined up for after graduation. He fully enjoyed the weeks surrounding graduation and was off to his new job a few weeks later. His coach wasn’t happy, but also understood. Billy was taking care of himself, and I was so proud of him

Every party is not the “last time you’ll get to ________.”

There are many, many senior year parties. Don’t let FOMO get the best of you – you will not miss out if you don’t go to all of them! You need to maintain or improve your GPA this year – it matters. It’s also very critical that you stay healthy. Perhaps especially when you have networking events or job interviews coming up. You’ll make a terrible first impression if you show up sick, hungover or exhausted.

Starting to plan your career early will actually reduce your stress.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but career planning actually reduces your stress. You won’t spend your time fretting, but rather being productive about embracing the future.

We’re offering our coaching package with a guarantee that you will have a job within three months of graduation for a few more weeks to motivated college seniors. Time is running out – this offer ends September 30th. To take advantage of this offer contact us TODAY for a free consultation at or call us at 603-398-7278.