Career Coaching Podcast #8: Back-to-School Packing Secrets for College Seniors

In Podcast #8: Back-to-school packing for college seniors is a little different

Back-to-School is around the corner and many college students and their parents are beginning to pack. Career Coaches Sue and Emily are joined by stylist Mary Burnett to discuss what happens why college seniors need a few extra things their senior year. Does your senior have:

  • A great interviewing suit?
  • A shoe polishing kit?
  • A leather folio?
  • A great college-to-career advice book? (We like Getting from College-to-Career by Lyndsey Pollack.)
  • Listen to find out why college seniors need these things, and the rest of our packing list!


College seniors should be going to job fairs, networking events and on interviews

Making sure they have the right clothes and tools will help motivate them to attend, and ensure they make great first impressions. Going shopping with your college senior is a great way to bond, and it gives you a good excuse to engage in (low-pressure!) conversations about their future.

Too many students are un- or underemployed for long periods of time after college graduation. We would love to help your student beat the odds.

Please call or email us for a free career planning session, and to hear about our program for motivated college seniors where we guarantee they’ll have a job within three months of graduation!