When to Make Your Career Move

Are you wondering when to make your career move from your first job after college?

For most recent graduates, your first “real” job after college is not going to be your dream job.

If you have been in your job for awhile you may be wondering when is the time to make your career move. It was a way to get your foot into the professional work world, gain experience, pay your bills and learn more about your strengths, weaknesses and where you can fit in. In fact, shifting jobs is very normal. Linkedin recently reported that changing not only jobs, but also careers, is the new normal. 

This is in part due to personal choice, but also due to corporate instability – layoffs are still quite normal and force professionals to make changes that are out of their control. In our current economy, it’s critical to continually network, enhance your skills, and keep your resume updated. Career planning is part of your job and ultimately your responsibility.

We recommend that you begin the process of thinking about your next career move after about a year in your first job. This does not necessarily mean you should leave your current company. This could be taking on new responsibilities in your current role, taking a new role in your current company, or exploring options outside of your current company.  Even if you have no intention of leaving your company, remember that the economy is in a period of rapid transition, and it never hurts to keep reevaluating your career role and keeping an eye out for exciting new opportunities. The bottom line here is to keep growing your skills – and keep on delivering strong results while you grow.

  • Write down the details of your current job. What do you love about it? What don’t you like? Think about the activities that you do throughout the course of the week, the kinds of people you work with, the way you are managed, the industry you are in and the end result of your work. Come up with a list of what you want in a next job and what you really want to avoid.
  • Get ready to network more heavily. Start by developing a new elevator pitch that demonstrates you are interested in new opportunities. Reach out to as many friends and colleagues as possible, and let them know (discreetly if need be) that you are looking for a change. Attend conferences, workshops and networking events that will expand your reach.
  • Dig a little deeper into your self-knowledge, and at the same time, do your research about the available jobs. Strength and skill testing can be a great way to learn more about the aspects of yourself that are not being utilized in your current job. This may help you understand some of your current frustrations. Really try to understand the job market in the fields that interest you. Who is actually hiring, and why?

A career coach can walk you through this work if you’re interested in making a small investment into your future. Contact us for a free informational session.