Career Tip: Yes, Your GPA Matters

When you are an entry-level job candidate, having a high GPA does make a difference. In several years, this won’t be the case, but for getting that critical first job, it is a huge advantage to have a GPA in the mid-to-high threes. The primary reason is that many Human Resource departments are inundated with resumes for their entry-level positions, and judging by GPA is an easy way to whittle a large pile of resumes down to a manageable handful. 

Please don’t mistake this as a suggestion that you focus solely on getting good grades throughout your college years. We encourage you to enjoy your time and have a well-rounded experience! However, we have seen many senior regret small mistakes made early on in college, mistakes that were easily avoidable. So, do keep one eye on your grades. Go to your professors’ office hours and get extra help, seek out tutors, and form study groups with your motivated peers. If your GPA is already suffering, we don’t recommend taking on a second major or minor field of study. 

If you are already a senior or recent graduate and don’t have a high GPA, don’t panic! There are many ways to mitigate this issue in your job search with some careful strategic planning. Please contact us for a free consultation; we’d love to help yousuccessfully launch your career.