LaunchingU’s Signature Coaching Program Now Starts in the Freshmen year! 

Freshman year is the beginning of a grand adventure!  While we all know that college is so much more than simply preparing for a career, we also know it is also very much about students beginning to preparing for their career. 

There are many ways that this first year sets a student up for what will be a successful transition out of college or, begins what can be a bumpier road.  It can turn what would have been a very respectable 3.36 GPA to a more challenging 2.81 by graduation because of poor connections and lack of problem-solving that first year. Because of this we love working with freshmen about how to explore, achieve, and problem-solve through this critical year.

In this 10 – session program we work on the following areas:

We encourage our freshmen clients to set goals that both include, and go beyond, academics. We go a semester at a time. These goals serve as truing mechanisms as the student meet challenges, obstacles, and opportunities.  The goals may change, but it will be a conscious decision, not just a drift away from what they set out to achieve.

We help our clients explore potential career areas so that by sophomore year they are ready to declare their major. This includes assessments to deepen an understanding of their strengths and talking with professors and with professionals in their fields of interest.  

 All our clients go to the Career Services organization on campus.  It is often surprising to parents that there is, on average, one career services professional for every 1700 students across all four-year colleges and universities.  Some do a great job, many are less than stellar, however they each have something to offer, and our students figure out how to extract the most value they can from this service.

So many of the clients that we meet as seniors had a lost semester in their freshman or sophomore year. The impact of this on a GPA can be very hard to overcome, and for the first job out of college, GPA certainly matters.  So, getting their sea legs under them right out of the gate is important in terms of how they ultimately transition out of school. We have simple tools to help our freshmen clients stay focused, problem-solve as they go, and still enjoy their freshman year.

Our freshmen clients get to know their professors, TAs, administrators, RAs, counseling services, and activities leaders so that it does not feel impossible to ask for advice, guidance and support when they need it. We support their efforts to problem-solve with on-campus resources. These are people who may end up knowing people that could hire them. They could be references, may see an internship opportunity and think of your student, etc. 

We encourage our freshmen clients to get connected to a couple of activities or clubs during their freshmen year.  We look for a combination of things they know they enjoy and something new that they haven’t tried before. We help them structure their commitments so that they balance this involvement with the ability to perform academically.  

Ideally, we have our first session with rising freshmen the summer before they get to school.  We typically do 5 sessions in that summer/first semester, and 3 in the second semester, although that can all vary considerably depending on the student’s needs and interests

It starts with a conversation with you, the parent, so feel free to give us a call for a free planning session.  We look forward to talking with you and hopefully getting a chance to meet your rising freshman!