Sophomore and Junior Program  – Getting and Acing Quality Internships

College is a rich and varied experience and each student’s path is unique.  At every step a student is presented with experiences that, among other things, help prepare them to move into their careers.  We know that having at least one strong internship differentiates students who make this transition successfully vs. those that struggle to get traction.  For the past two years, every college senior we worked with who had a job at graduation, had done at least one strong internship. Our other clients certainly got jobs after graduation, but it took longer and they often started in lower level positions.

Despite their importance, the path to getting quality internships is poorly defined and different in each field.  Some internships for next summer are already locked down. Others won’t start recruiting until March. Some companies will recruit on campus, others will not.  Also, colleges and universities are wildly uneven in their ability to help students get strong internships.

Because we are clear on the importance strong internships have on a student’s ability to move into their career, we developed our Program for Sophomores and Juniors aimed at helping them getting and acing quality internships.   Through these Six steps, we help our students’ get internships where they can grow – and then learn how to ACE that internship!  

In this program student’s will focus on:

Students will develop a clear understanding of the paths to securing a quality internship.  They will do an assessment to help them be able to articulate their strengths to potential employers. They will develop a picture of the type of internship they are seeking, the timing and process they will use to pursue these internships, and what their school might be able to do to help them.

Students will identify all potential contacts who can support them in landing a quality internship, create an elevator pitch to open conversations with these contacts,  and conduct informational interviews to learn more about the field and develop more contacts.

Student’s will create strong resumes and LinkedIn profiles that highlights their strengths and contributions, and become competent at writing cover letters for specific opportunities.

Students will learn how to find internship opportunities that are advertised, to identify opportunities that may not be advertised, and make a case for why they should be considered for that opportunity.  They will develop target lists of companies, and look for ways to connect with them through their networks.

Students will be trained in Behavioral Interviewing and do mock interviews so that they become confident and competent at representing themselves as strong candidates.

Getting a strong internship is not the same thing as doing well in an internship.  Our last two sessions help students understand how to enter the internship in a manner that sets them up for success, how to start their relationship with their boss, and how-to problem solve as they go.  

It starts with a conversation with you, the parent, so feel free to give us a call for a free planning session.  We look forward to talking with you and hopefully getting a chance to meet your Sophmore or Junior and help them Ace their Internships!