We can help you go from uncertain and stressed to confident and well-prepared.


We know that you are worried that there will not be available jobs that are a fit for you when you graduate. And that is a valid concern since we all know that this is a very tough job market.  There are fewer opportunities and more competition. But we are here to tell you that there are jobs out there – it takes work but they are there, you can get one and we can help you make that happen.  – and you can get them . 

Our Signature College-to-Career Coaching Process is time-tested and proven to help graduates get jobs where they can grow and thrive – and it has held up for new graduates when there has been ups and downs in the job market. 

We can help you move from worried, to engaged and preparing.  

There are five interconnected steps to our program.  In our experience all students need support in each of these steps, but the amount of time they spend on each varies greatly from student to student. Mastering these steps is only more important in a tight, competitive market.

We have made a 100% commitment to our clients. As long as you are doing the work, we will stay working with you until you land that first job.

Knowing what you are looking for, and being able to explain why your skills and interests are a good fit, are critical to a strong job search. Because a hiring manager isn’t interested in doing this work for you. You don’t have to focus on just one narrow role, but however many directions you want to explore, you need a clear story as to why you will be great in the jobs you are looking for.

We will help you get from “I have no idea what I want to do to” to “I have a couple of great options I am exploring” to ”this is what I am looking for”. You will understand what people in your chosen field actually do each day, how that work fits with your own skills, interests, and experience, and you will be able to explain that with confidence. We have focused exercises to help you develop clarity during this phase.

We know that 2/3rds of you will get your first job, in part, because someone else helped you.  They don’t “get you the job” but your network can do some of the following:

  1. Point you to a company to consider a role that you may not have thought of,
  2.  Introduce you to someone else that it would be helpful for you to talk with, or
  3.  Point you to  a specific job opportunity.  

We also know that for many of you this is challenging and feels unnatural. We will help you get comfortable reaching out to others and identifying connections you may not even understand you have. We help you ease into it and eventually you will get confident and effective at building your network and asking for support. 

When we start with our clients, they have often been sending out resumes and hearing nothing back, which can be  discouraging.

That occurs for two reasons.  The first is applying online, without contacts to help introduce and/or prepare you, has a very low yield. Of course, some of you will get a job by doing that.  But not if you don’t have a well-constructed resume, a focused cover letter and a LinkedIn profile that positions you well. We help you craft your materials to tell your story in the most compelling way and to focus it for the specific role you are seeking.

Interviewing effectively is a learned skill.  The good news is that it improves quickly with practice. Our clients get a lot of interview practice! We will spend a lot of time with you on this step because we know how important it is that when you actually get an interview you are prepared and can ACE it! 

We will have you prepare answers to specific questions, and do practice interviews with our interview team that prepare you for interviews over the phone, by zoom and face-to-face.  You will learn how to research companies, and develop targeted questions in the interview that help you stand out.

There is an etiquette and cadence to applying for jobs and it is easy for first time job seekers to feel alone and uncertain that they are doing it correctly.  We teach our clients how to master this process, coach them through the steps, figure out what to do in specific situations and help them stay confident.

“I would recommend LaunchingU’s career coaching to all those who are feeling lost and feel that their college resources are not beneficial. It was definitely a relief to graduate with a job!”

Becky, Vanderbilt University

“Susan Hay is an AMAZING college-to-career, job and internship coach. She helped me successfully develop my resume, interview skills, and how to present myself and prepared me for interviews much better than my university did. Her warmth and support is reflected in her exceptional work with people; she has over 18 years of human resource leadership experience..

I couldn’t recommend her enough. If you are looking for a new job/internship, or would like to get promoted, reach out to her at LaunchingU.”

 Forest H., Former Client 

*If our Signature Coaching Package is not the right fit for your student, we are happy to work with your family to customize a solution.