We know that you want your college student to have a job soon after graduation. The reality is that 3/4 of them won't.

For the rest, it takes an average of 7 months for most graduates to find a job, and too many of those jobs won't make use of your students' skills and expertise.

Waiting that long for post-college employment is demoralizing and extremely expensive. 

LaunchingU will help your student beat the odds. 


LaunchingU's Signature College-to-Career Coaching Package is time-tested and proven to help students and recent graduates get better jobs, faster. 

There are five interconnected stages in our process.* 

We teach the critical skills that colleges don't. 

Your student will go from "I don't know what I want to do!" to "I have some great options I'm exploring." 

The focused exercises we use with students during this phase help them develop clarity. Even those clients that are fairly certain of their career path typically still have some work to do to narrow in even further.

Your student will go from "I don't know anybody in my fields of interest. to "I have some great connections who are willing to advocate for me." 

Many young people dislike reaching out to professional contacts. We ease them into it and work with them to develop and use flexible scripts that give them confidence. They will eventually get very good at networking and building professional relationships.

Your student will go from "I'm sending out my resume but not hearing back from employers," to "I have really strong career materials that stand out from the pack."

We will work with your student to develop strong resumes and cover letters that highlight their capabilities and accomplishments.

They will also develop an online presence, including a a strong Linkedin profile - critical for networking.

Your student will go from unprepared and nervous about interviewing to understanding exactly how to prepare beforehand so they feel ready and nail the interview. 

They will have practice interviews with our team and other professionals who have been hiring people their whole careers. We work as a team to develop your student into a strong, dynamic candidate. 

*If our Signature Coaching Package is not the right fit for your student, we are happy to work with your family to customize a solution.