College Graduates: Still Unemployed?

For all the college graduates who are still searching for a job this is for you. Here are four tips that will energize your search.

Even when there are good reasons and proactive choices that have resulted in you not being employed in a professional position after college, something about Fall being in the air and everyone still in school going back to school can make you feel more worried and unhappy about your status. Don’t lose heart – you will have a good job and a meaningful career! In the meantime, while you are working at it, here are some things to consider doing to help your story and your chances as you continue applying for jobs.

  1. Don’t just sit around worrying. Take a course, teach yourself a new software package, get certified in CPR, volunteer your services in a meaningful way, consider a part-time job, build a new deck on your friend’s house, housesit in a different city, etc. Do something. It helps to get moving and get engaged in something and it also helps you have a bit of a story to tell when you get into an interview. You can count on the fact that you will be asked ‘what you have been doing with your time’ and it really helps to have a productive answer.
  2. Reach back out to your network. I know it can feel painful to have to go back out to people and say “still looking” but put a positive spin on it and reconnect with people. You aren’t top of mind to the people you connected with in June anymore so give it another shot. Last week I encouraged a young woman I was working with, who had had a few freelance jobs but not that full time opportunity she was looking for, to do just that. The spin, that had the advantage of being absolutely true, was that while she could definitely pick up more freelance work, and she is proud of the work she has done in this capacity, she was determined to hold out for a full time opportunity in a reasonably stable company. Remember – honestly – people want to be helpful, but you have to remind them that you are still looking and ask for their support.
  3. Take stock – are there things you could do to improve your materials or your interviewing skills? Are you selling your experience and skills effectively? How is your cover letter? Is you LinkedIn page professional looking? Your college career development center will provide support to alumni – so reach back out to them to look at your materials and ask them to do a mock interview with you.
  4. Consider broadening you search. If your search has been too narrowly focused, consider other categories of jobs that you could be interested in and qualified for. Most of you coming right out of college have a range of roles that would honestly be a good place for you to start. 

If you are working on these issues and not feeling like you are making enough progress, or you could use some support, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We can be reached at or 603-398-7278