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Want to Reduce your College Senior’s Stress this Year? Encourage them to add Career Prep to Their Plate

My colleague Ray and I were just talking this week about how many of the parents we talk with are ...
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Choosing The Right Summer Internship

Internships are among the most important things a college student can do to understand what they want to do when ...
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College Seniors: 3 Tips For Using Your Holiday Break to Jump Start Your Career

For most of you, exams are finished and you are headed home hoping for some relaxation (sleep) and fun. But ...
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How to Stand Out From the Crowd: A Simple Tip

One of the most frequent questions we get from soon-to-be or new graduates about their transition into their careers is ...
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College Seniors: Don’t Get Weeded Out of the Job You Want!

For over 50% of companies surveyed, passing a drug test is a required for hiring. Last year I was working ...
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College Seniors: What Comes Next (WCN)?

You are in the home stretch, and my guess is you are full of emotions about leaving college, including questions ...
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The College Home Stretch – Class of 2018

To The Parents of the Class of 2018 If you are like I am, you are looking at your son ...
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Parents of College Seniors: Here’s A Way to De-Stress Your Holiday Break

As career coaches for college students and new graduates, our phone typically rings like crazy starting in mid-January.  Why you ...
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Why Hire a Career Coach for your College Senior?

Your student will gain confidence and career transition skills that will last a lifetime. Young people just starting their careers ...
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Back-to-School for College Seniors: Set your Expectations and Priorities Now

Congratulations College Seniors! You’ve worked so hard for the past three or so years, and finally have your finish line ...
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