Congratulations! You Have Completed an Advanced Degree: Now Get the Job That Takes Advantage of Your New Skills

Here is an interesting disconnect. While the Chronical of Higher Education predicts that there would be a 22% increase in the number of jobs in this country requiring an advanced degree over the next several years, they also found that the pathways to moving into the next step in one’s career after obtaining an advanced degree are riddled with obstacles. Their findings included that there is a lack of transparency regarding opportunities for Ph.Ds. which is especially important given the well-documented reality of less tenured jobs in academia, and that students tend to rely on their professors for guidance. This can be problematic because, in general, professors have limited experience outside of academia to draw on when coaching students.

Often the graduate students we work with are looking to make anything from a substantial adjustment to what they are currently doing, to a complete transition into something very different. This type of career transition can be challenging in that they have to help an organization see them as credible, even if their prior experience is not directly relevant. Applicant tracking systems and key word searches only complicate this situation further.

All of this makes coaching a graduate student into the next phase of their career an interesting process; one that centers around creating a credible, grounded, storyline about their enhanced capabilities. Graduate students often, but not always, have a better grasp of how to handle the basics of a job search then their undergraduate peers. But, they are not well prepared to build the storyline of why they are now ready to take on a bigger and/or different challenge because of their graduate education. We have found that it often takes just a few sessions to help them craft the storyline and use it to reintroduction themselves to their network, align their resumes and other materials to it, and develop interview strategies that show off their new skills and experiences.

At LaunchingU we offer graduate students a 4 session package to develop this storyline and infuse it into their materials, their networking and their job search strategy. If this type of focused support would be helpful, feel free to visit us at or connect with us at, and we can set up a free consultation.

The Next Phase of Your Career Is Waiting for You!