Do this to make your emails POP!

Dashing off a quick email to a professor? To someone in your network? Maybe a future employer? Adding a permanent email signature to your emails is a great way to make your emails look more professional and ensure that everyone has information who you are and how to contact you at their fingertips.

Your permanent signature should include your full name, your current job title and workplace if applicable. If you are a student, add the name of your college or university below your name, and your major below that. While you are on the job market, it may be a good idea to add your personal cell phone number to your signature.

Add a link to your updated personal Linkedin page (don’t forget to customize your public profile URL so you have a nice clean link – read instructions here), and you are good to go!

Emily Porschitz
Vassar College
Major: Latin American Studies (Graduation Date: May 2016)
Cell phone: 555-555-1234

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