Four myths about career coaching for college students that need to be debunked

Here are Four Common Myths Regarding Career Coaching

It’s only for spoiled, entitled young people. Career coaching is a rapidly growing profession, for good reason. Professionals in all industries and at all levels of their careers hire coaches to help them make good decisions and sell themselves effectively. Moving from college into career is a huge life transition, and hiring a strong support team is a smart, strategic move. And to be blunt, working with a career coach requires focus and some discipline. The spoiled and entitled probably wouldn’t get a lot out of it.

It’s only for the very wealthy. Just as college is open to all income brackets, so is coaching. Some career coaches have packages that less than the cost of one college class, and the payoff (finding more satisfying job sooner) can be huge.

It’s the same services the college career office offers for free. Career development offices have about 1 staff person for every 1765 students. While incredibly helpful, career services offices cannot provide the dedicated mentorship that a coach can offer.

It’s only for young people that want to get into “elite” careers such as investment banking. Entry-level career coaches work with students from all majors who are interested in a huge variety of careers – just today we have clients interested in fashion, film, accounting and non-profit development. Many young people aren’t sure what they want to do or where to even start. A career coach can help anyone gain clarity, focus and develop the skills to land the right job.

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