Getting a Summer Internship in 2021

Are you a college sophomore or junior and you do not have a summer internship lined up?

We are launching a Summer Internship program to help you land an internship. 

As a Career Coach here is what I know: the most positive thing you can do to improve your chances for a good job after college, with the possible exception of your GPA, is to spend this summer in a quality internship.  Over the past several years almost every client we worked with who had a job by the time they graduated, had done one, and often two internships.

The reality is this year with the pandemic, internships will be harder to get.  There are fewer internship opportunities to begin with and you will have more competition.  However, it is not impossible and it is incredibly important to start  working now to make sure you get a summer internship  and we are here to help.  . 

We have developed this 7-session intensive to get you moving productively, and quickly. 

We will help you understand the landscape for internships in your fields of interest, prepare you to present yourself as a compelling candidate, and provide guidance and support to your efforts as you apply, interview, and get hired.  

We will cover:

  1. Session 1: Creating Focus.  We will help you zero in on roles in industries that are related to your career interests and then develop a strategy for uncovering and identifying relevant opportunities. 
  1. Session 2: Building and Leveraging Your Network. We will help you develop an outreach plan and messaging so that everyone in your network understands what you are looking for in an internship and how they can help.  You are going to need the help of your network,  and in general people are happy to jump in with support for college students and new graduates. 
  1. Session 3 & 4: Preparing and Applying.   We will help you develop a strong LinkedIn page and resume , and you will learn how to write a compelling cover letter in 15 minutes.  
    1. Audit and improve resume and LinkedIn profile
    2. Cover Letters 101
  1. Session 5&6: Becoming a Strong Interviewer. You will learn how to ACE an interview whether it is via phone, zoom or face-to-face.  2 sessions
    1. The ABC’s of interviewing
    2. Addressing challenging questions
    3. Developing compelling questions to ask in an interview
  1. On-going support as you work the process. 

This is an intensive program designed to get you moving quickly. 

We will meet weekly and each session will be at least an hour long and you should be prepared to do between 3-5 hours of work in between sessions. 

Our commitment to our clients is 100%.  If you are doing the work, we will support you until you land an internship.  

Let’s make this happen! For more information contact me at or at (603) 398-7278.


Ps.  Here is some good news.  The skills that you learn and employ to get an internship are the same ones you will use to land that first job out of college.  So – you will be ahead of the game 😊