Happy New Year College Students!

Yes, I know that it’s September. But for those of us on an academic calendar, it’s time to start thinking about the fresh start that comes with the cool crisp air of Fall. It’s my favorite time of year! For college students, September is the perfect time to set some “New Year’s Resolutions” that will help you on your path to graduation and into the career of your dreams. And parents of college students – I encourage you to do this too.

Students. Take a little time. Look at your course schedule for the coming year. What do you really want to accomplish in those classes? What internships do you have lined up? If the answer is none – get one! What fun clubs or activities do you want to make time for? Is there a professor you’ve heard is great but you haven’t met yet?

Parents – what can you do to help your college student prepare, this year, for their eventual transition into the workplace? There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but it should include some fun/interesting goals as well as practical focused ones. Here is my template for you to tweak. Think about the different areas in which you’d like to accomplish several goals. I suggest “School,” “Career Development,” and “Fun”, and make them as specific as possible. Post this list on your mirror or above your desk where you’ll see it often. Check them off as you achieve them. Then email me at emily@launchingu.com every time you complete a goal or if you get really stuck, so I can help or celebrate with you!

Sample “New Year’s Resolutions” for College Students

Get at least a 3.4 GPA for the semester Try a class in a new discipline Finish a rough draft of your resume and bring it to the career center for help Attend at least 2 networking events and/or job fairs Link to 40 new people on LinkedIn Talk to your manager about taking on some new responsibilities Go to see live music once a month Try a new extracurricular activity

Sample “New Year’s Resolutions” for Parents

Introduce your child to two of your friends or colleagues who would be willing to have a frank but fun conversation with them about their career. Check in with your child once a month on their career development goals and accomplishments – and don’t stop when they act disinterested or annoyed Set a time to talk to your child about your career path Encourage your child to go to a networking event and introduce themselves to five new people. Set your child up with an free, introductory career coaching session with LaunchingU! Good Luck to all of you!