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Preparing students for interviewing is some of our favorite work to do with clients. Here is a collection of our writing and podcasts about interviewing.

College Graduate Didn't Get The Job

College Graduates: Were you a finalist, but didn’t get the job…

You Are Not Aiming Too High! There is no question that one of the hardest moments in any job search ...
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How to Stand Out From the Crowd: A Simple Tip

One of the most frequent questions we get from soon-to-be or new graduates about their transition into their careers is ...
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Podcast Episode 5: Interviewing – What Questions You Should Ask!

Getting Real: Career Coaching Podcast Episode 5 The third podcast (Episode 3 & 4) on interviewing tips and strategies. This ...
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Career Coaching Podcast 4: How To Answer These Two Common Interview Questions

Episode 4- How to Answer These Two Common (and Hard) Interview Questions You can almost guarantee that when you are ...
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Career Coaching Podcast 3: Tackling Interviewing with Confidence

Interviewing: Tackling Interviewing with Confidence Interviewing is stressful, especially for a recent graduate. This podcast will provide advice and tips ...
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Interview Tip

How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

Interview Tip: How to Approach the Interview Question "Tell Me About Yourself" We know that recent graduates are out there ...
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Interview Tips

Interview Tips: A Simple Exercise to Identify Your Strengths

QUICK! – before reading any further, jot down your answer to the ubiquitous interview question: “What are your greatest strengths?” ...
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Career Tip! The Handshake

It’s Not Complicated but it is Important – So Get it Right When you are meeting someone in a business ...
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Want to Stand Out in an Interview? Ask these Four Questions.

Prospective employers will evaluate the questions that you bring to an interview almost as closely as they evaluate your answers ...
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It Seems Like Such a Small Thing: The Handshake!

I have been in the business of interviewing candidates and listening to hiring managers talk about candidates for the better ...
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