How Networking Works

My client Melanie is in the public health field and we have been working on the networking phase in LaunchingU’s Signature College-to-Career Coaching Program. Melanie has learned that networking is best done in both a planned, intentional way AND in random seized moments.

Seize the Day – Talk to Everyone!

So, Mel was out at a brew pub last weekend and saw Joan, an old friend she hasn’t seen in awhile. They started talking and Mel shared with Joan that she has finished her master’s degree and is now looking for jobs in the field of preventive health outcomes.

Mel asks Joan if she knows anyone in the field that she might be able to talk to. Joan, says “well as a matter of fact yes! Stacey over at my table works in public health policy.” So Melanie goes over and introduces herself, using her very upbeat but focused elevator pitch and Stacey says, “I would love to talk with you – here is my card, let’s have coffee.”

The Power of Informational Interviews.

Melanie reached out to Stacey on Monday and they set up a time for an informational interview.

Here’s what Melanie reports. “For the first 10 minutes I was thinking this isn’t going to amount to anything because she is in quality control and that’s not my interest. Ten minutes though, I was on the edge of my seat realizing that this field is actually fascinating and would use a lot of the skills I developed in graduate school.”

The upshot:  Stacey gave Melanie a whole new field to think about, promised to introduce her to three other people, and told her that she would put in a good word for Mel if a position opens up in her hospital.

This is how it works folks  – get out there and start talking with people!

And if you need more help please feel free to contact us  for a free conversation about networking and about our Signature Career Coaching for College Students Program.