Parents of College Students: Are You Disengaging Around the MOST IMPORTANT Topic?

Parenting looks pretty different when they go off to college, huh?

No, you can’t make decisions anymore for your college student – big or small, but you CAN check in regularly to make sure they are actively working on career development. We know it can be tough to have conversations about the future with your student, but if you decide to step back entirely they will flounder.

What Happens When Your Expectations Aren’t Clear?

One parent called us after a FULL YEAR of her son being under-employed and living in her house. She had left him mostly alone for that entire time. Without a plan to develop career-related skills and land a professional job the son got depressed, and mom got frustrated.

This happens WAY TOO OFTEN. It takes, on average, 6-7 months for most college grads to land a professional job.

Solution: Set Clear Expectations and Offer Support

There is no one set of parental expectations that works for every family, however, it is appropriate and important to set clear expectations.

Examples of issues we’ve seen families struggle with include:

  • Your student doesn’t have a plan for graduating in four years.
  • You haven’t set an expectation to maintain a minimum GPA.
  • Your student isn’t engaging in career planning activities.
  • Your student wants to move across the country when they graduate but has no plan for saving money beforehand.
  • You are happy to have your student move back home after they graduate, but aren’t clear with them about how they should financially contribute to the household.

These are just a few examples of conversations parents might have with their college students about their future after college. It’s important that you communicate your expectations and your student knows they have your support.

We’ve found that parents and college students have the most productive conversations when parents are checking in regularly without hovering, listening closely to their students, and setting clear expectations.

We do know this can be a tall order! What do your college students really need help with? And how can you have a really productive conversation?

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