Parents of Soon-To-Be College Graduates – We know You’re Riding An Emotional Roller Coaster

As parents of college seniors, you are on an emotional roller coaster right now. Hopefully you are proud of your student.  S/he may have done beautifully, or they may have struggled, but graduating from college is absolutely an accomplishment and worthy of celebration.  For your family it is another milestone and odds are your child will not be coming home to live with you again. This is a huge shift even if they have been away at college. I know when my son graduated, and I was faced with this reality, I was teary for months. You may also be nervous and worried because your student doesn’t have a job lined up after graduation.  Some of them are working really hard at nailing this down and others don’t seem to be very engaged with what comes next.

We Talk To Many Worried Parents

We most often talk with the worried parents.  You know the statistics, and that it can be very challenging out there.  You have been watching your student for proof that they are working on it, but you can’t find that evidence.  Your attempts to offer support or guidance aren’t going well. If this is you, we want you to know you are not alone, and that these are legit concerns.  If you student doesn’t have a job by the time they graduate – or at least are engaged in looking for one, it can take up to 6 months post-graduation to get that first professional position.  And no matter how close you are to your student it is just flat out hard to step in here and coach them into that first job.

It Is Not Too Late For Help.

But we can help.  We can start with your student this week – and at least get them started before they graduate.  We won’t push them too hard now because graduation is just around the corner, but they will know that they have support that they are willing to take, and the beginnings of a plan. And we are not their parents. That simple fact typically allows them to let down their guard and let us see how nervous and uncertain they are.  We can walk them through a process that will help them understand that this is not an impossible task. But it is very, very helpful if they start now.

And then you can go back to the important work of celebrating the fact that they are graduating from college with them!

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