You know what makes your child remarkable and compelling. You worry that they don't fully understand their strengths and that the outside world will miss them. Uncovering the capabilities of our clients, helping them connect their unique qualities to specific careers, and teaching them how to sell themselves effectively is the foundation of our work.

Wherever your student is on their path, we offer deep expertise, a vibrant network of people interested in supporting young adults, and a total commitment to their success.


Susan, I just wanted to thank you ever so much for helping my son think concretely about the job hunting road map. After two years of a terrific “first” post-college job, my son has landed the job of his dreams in the city where he has always wanted to live. I know that you taught him to ask for help, to ask for referrals, to ask “who can open this door for me?”

All these steps were all instrumental in launching his career in his chosen field. For any parent who sees the value in SAT prep or any other type of coaching, I highly recommend your proven system. It is so important to learn the skills to land a great job! Thank you! 

- Grateful mother of a happily employed Middlebury grad

4 Signs Your College Senior Is Not Ready To Launch Their Career

As parents, it is important that you listen to them, draw them out if they are not talking about their plans, have high expectations and be alert to warning signs that they are avoiding this transition. Here are the signs...

We Offer:

Expert Guidance

We are there for students, helping them to fit together their interests, their degree and an understanding of the job market. If students are not clear on where they want to go with their degree we work closely with them to help establish a career direction. We also help them navigate the world of Academic Advising and Career Services at their colleges and coach them on how to get internships that count in the “real world.”

Practical Skills Coaching

What do new graduates with great jobs have that your student probably doesn’t have (yet)? Chances are they have job interviewing and networking expertise -- and these skills can be learned. We role-play and work with videotapes of your child’s efforts at interviewing and networking, and set your child up with practice interviews with accomplished professionals in our network. Your young adult will also go into the interview armed with a brilliant resume… one that outlines his or her accomplishments in the most positive light.

A Team On Their Side

Wherever your child is on the path -- in college, just graduated or an early career professional -- we offer deep expertise, a strong and vibrant network of people interested in supporting young adults, and a total commitment to his or her success. This is what we do best, and we would be honored to work with your family.


Is Your College Student Anxious About Their Career?

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