You know what makes your child remarkable and compelling. You worry that they don't fully understand their strengths and that the outside world will miss them. Uncovering the capabilities of our clients, helping them connect their unique qualities to specific careers, and teaching them how to sell themselves effectively is the foundation of our work.

Wherever your student is on their path, we offer deep expertise, a vibrant network of people interested in supporting young adults, and a total commitment to their success.


Susan, I just wanted to thank you ever so much for helping my son think concretely about the job hunting road map. My son has landed the job of his dreams in the city where he has always wanted to live. I know that you taught him to ask for help, to ask for referrals, to ask “who can open this door for me?”

I highly recommend your proven system. Thank you! 

- Grateful mother of a happily employed Middlebury grad

Parents - College Students and Recent Grads Still Need Your Support – Here’s Why

While “helicopter parents” or “bulldozer parents” are easy targets, the truth is that young adults do need more support than previous generations – financially, emotionally and everything in between. Read more...


We Know You Are Worried

Your student needs stronger and more effective academic and career support. We build strong relationships with our clients, help them build the skills they need, and they are successful. We would also love to help you!  

Guiding Your College Student can be Challenging

Parents can and should be involved, but students also need other mentors. We help parents understand the best issues and path to focus on with their students, and how to communicate effectively. 

We Can Help You Get Grounded and Focused

It's important that your student is in charge, but they still need support in key areas. When a clear, but flexible, plan is in place, conversations are less stressful. We can help you feel confident in engaging with your student around academic and career direction. 

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