Preparing for Career Over the Holiday Break

Hello Parents, Relatives, and Mentors of College Students!

The longer holiday break that college students get is a great time relax and reconnect. Your student will need some downtime, but we know that they also have responsibilities and stress. These might include:

They need a paying job over break so they can save money and contribute to college costs.

Internal struggle as they decide their major and minor, whether or not to study abroad, etc.

Worry about finding a summer internship that will help build their resume.

Seniors, in particular, may be panicking about their fast-approaching graduation and their transition into career.

Career coaching for college students is a fantastic way to help your students get the guided help they need. Holiday break is a fantastic time to start the process. We offer affordable packages of one-on-one work that can be done in-person, on the phone or skype, and we’ll tailor our process to your students’ needs. As examples we can:

Help you student turn their winter break job into an “internship-like” experience, and ensure that not only are they making money, but they are adding the kinds of skills and experience that employers look for to their resume.

Have your student take assessment tests and go through a comprehensive analysis period with them to help them uncover their strengths and passions early in their college career.

Teach them the research and networking skills they need to find a fantastic internship or entry-level job, boost their confidence, and develop their career materials and interviewing skills so they can launch their careers.

Contact us today for a free consultation – this just might be the perfect time to give the gift of career coaching.