Parents: Stop Encouraging Your Recent Grad to Apply for Jobs Online

Here are 4 Things Your Recent Grad Should Have Before Applying

Caveat to that controversial statement. If your child has the following, they are good to go and probably should keep on applying:

  1. A very narrowed list of companies and job titles they are targeting.
  2. A very clear understanding of their skills and why they are of value to hiring managers. They also have good stories to tell that effectively demonstrate those skills in action.
  3. Resume and cover letter templates that highlight their best accomplishments and have zero grammatical errors. They also know how to tweak them for each job application.
  4. A strong LinkedIn profile with dozens, if not hundreds, of connections, and a working knowledge of how to use LinkedIn to network their way into companies that have job openings.

Taking Time to Prepare is Critical

If your student is “not quite there” on any of these steps, we strongly recommend they step back and do some preparatory work before continuing to apply for jobs online. Here’s why: Constant rejection (or just deafening silence) are major confidence killers. We’ve had many clients come to us in a cycle of frustration and negativity after several months of rejection, and it can be very tough to pull them back out.

Yes, we all have to learn to deal with rejection. Trust us, your child will eventually handle rejection as well as any of us.

But, the key is to not just persist after rejection, but also to learn from it. So, if your recent grad is getting a lot of rejections, it’s time to hit the pause button and recalibrate. Make sure they have everything outlined above. If they don’t, they should take some time to do some research and informational interviews.

Their alma mater’s career center is still a great resource even after graduation, and they can contact their alumni center to ask about alumni connections in particular industries and/or companies of interest.

It may be hard for you to personally to mentor your own child, but a professional connection of yours, friend or relative could be a great support system for them.  If you don’t know someone who could fill that role, we would love to provide you with a free complimentary career planning session and talk to you about how we work with our clients.