Senior Year Tips: Small Steps to Take Every Day to Find that Job!

College Seniors! This post is especially for you!

We’re going to walk you through the small(ish) things you can be doing every day to advance your job search and graduate with –  if not a job lined up – at least a solid plan in place for finding one.

As a college professor, I have watched hundreds of seniors navigate the last few months of their senior years. I watch their stress levels rise and fall throughout the year, and after March Spring Break I can always feel the emotions reach a fever pitch.

It’s an exciting time – “Senioritis” hits hard! Spring is here, and everyone is clamoring to spend their last weeks with their close friends and attending senior class events. In the meantime you are finishing up the toughest courses of your college career, and capstone projects, papers, and final exams require one last huge push of work.

It’s counter intuitive – but working hard now will REDUCE YOUR STRESS.

It’s tempting to wait until after graduation to even begin career planning – we get that, but we’ve seen a lot of recent graduates fumbling and stressed in the months after graduation. We’ve found that it actually REDUCES YOUR STRESS to take small steps every day so that you graduate with the confidence that comes with knowing you have a job, or at least a very solid plan for finding one as quickly as possible.

Here is a list of ideas – pick one every day and check it off your list!

Career coaching can be a great support system to get you through this tough transition. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss whether coaching is a good fit for you.

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