Elevator Pitch

What You Need

After investing huge amount of money and time into your college education, you are ready for your first professional job. Or are you? Too many young people remain un- or underemployed after graduation. Career coaching tailored to your needs will give you the support you need as you transition into a career. 

How We Work

Our top priority as career coaches is to help our clients (that's you!) understand what makes them remarkable, and teach them how to communicate that information to employers. We start by getting to know you really well, and tailor our work to your specific needs. We work over phone, through Skype, or in-person. 

12 Session Package

Our 12-session package is a great option for college seniors, and is designed to ensure that at the end of our work together you will know and can communicate your strengths, skills and interests, have a strong network of professional support, the materials you need for a successful job search and understand how to interview successfully. Some of our clients prefer to continue working with us after the 12 sessions as they go all the way through the job search process and land their first professional position. 

Starting to Work with a Career Coach as an Underclassman is a Great Idea! 

30% of our clients are underclassman, and we do recommend starting your career planning before senior year. If you wait until after graduation to start planning for their career, you will have missed out on hundreds of opportunities to network, build your resumes and make informed early career choices. By investing just a few hours a week, you will graduate with a clear plan and can enjoy your senior years knowing you are well prepared for your career.


  • $200 per session
  • $1900 for a 12-session package.
  • Other tailored packages available on an individual basis.

There are SIX things that successful candidates, at all stages of their careers bring to their job search. We will meet you wherever you are on this path and help you bring all the necessary skills and attributes to your transition from college into your career.

The work starts here. We help you understand and be able to articulate your passions, interests, skills, etc. We interview you and ask you to reflect on these questions, get input from people who know you well, and we do assessment with you that helps to bring this picture into focus.

Some of you come with a pretty clear picture of these questions, for others of you, your lack of clarity here is what made you give us a call in the first place.

Experiencing a great internship where you are able to learn new skills and actually produce results is one of the most valuable things you can do for you future job search.  Employers report that they see actual job and/or internship experience as just as important as good grades and a relevant major.

But all internships are not created equal.  We work with you to make sure that you ACE your internship.  We want you to come out of that experience with compelling accomplishment stories that you can put on your resume and talk about in an interview. We also show you how to build connections that will help you when you are ready to get your first professional job. 

You will get very good at networking and building professional relationships. We will help you reintroduce yourself to your network as a young professional starting out in their career as opposed to a college student.

We will send you on lots of informational interviews and build a really Big List of people who you can talk to, ask for guidance and support, who can connect you to other people who can connect you to someone who has the perfect job for you.

If appropriate, we will help you set up opportunities to job shadow others in your field of interest until you feel confident about where you want to start.

We will work with you to develop strong resumes and cover letters that highlight your capabilities and accomplishments. Almost everyone requires some help with this – it is often hard to be objective about accomplishments and to brag effectively.

You will develop an online presence, including a focused Linkedin profile, that adds to your professional presentation v. detracts from it. We send you on practice interviews with professionals who have been hiring people their whole careers and use their feedback to make you a stronger more dynamic candidate in an interview situation.

Before you go on an interview, we help you uncover your accomplishment stories. We ask you to think back over your jobs, your college activities etc. and find the things that you are proud of, and then work with you so that you can describe what you did, why, and what the results were in interviews.

We then send you on practice interviews with professionals who have been hiring people their whole careers and use their feedback to make you a stronger, more dynamic candidate in an interview situation. 

When you work with LaunchingU we help you build a job search plan that includes leveraging your network, doing research on companies that are of interest, sending out a resume and cover letter that are focused on a specific opportunity and acing the interview.

We are committed to working with you until you find the right job, one where you will grow and thrive. We look forward to helping you negotiate your first professional job offer.