Sh*T!! Summer is Over…Is Your Career Launched?

In the last week, I’ve pulled my college professor hat back out of the closet, cleaned out my office, prepped my syllabi, helped freshman move into their dorm rooms and answered about a gazillion emails helping students figure out their class schedules for the Fall. In other words – it’s back to school for me!

But what about you? If you just graduated from college this past May, this may be the very first September in your entire memory that you are not wrapped up in the excitement/dread/anticipation of heading back to the classroom. We hope you had a great summer! Many of you started your first “real” jobs and are settling into a professional life. Others of you took one last summer “off” and enjoyed something like camp counseling or life-guarding one last time, or just enjoyed some freedom after the rigors of senior year. Good for you! But now it’s probably time to get “real” and find an exciting full time job where you can use all that great stuff you learned in the classroom.

I remember my first summer after college well. I took June off, and in July started a corporate job as an administrative assistant. Guess what? I HATED it. After a lot of angst and worry, I finally put myself back on the job market and by October I settled into a new job that was a slightly better fit.

Those were worrisome months for me, and as I look back I wish I had had some help navigating the difficult and scary choices I was making. You don’t need to be alone, we’re here to help. Contact us for a free consultation. We’d love to help you get the job of your dreams!