The Post-July 4th Blues: Parents worrying about Graduates without Jobs.

Is Your College Graduate Still Job Seeking?

As we are heading into the 4th of July, I know that my phone is going to start ringing like crazy around July 9th. It happens every year. I will be hearing from worried parents who have a college graduate without a job.  These parents celebrated graduation with their son/daughter, and that son/daughter came home with them, but now their new graduate seems unengaged in what comes next, or just unsuccessful in getting any traction in the job search process.

I am writing to these parents.  Many of you have been worried all spring because you knew they didn’t have a plan, but your soon to be graduates told you politely, or through gritted teeth, to back- off, they will be fine. Some will.  But many very much need some help to get out into the world of work with focus and confidence.

Don’t Lose Important Career Prep Time This Summer

Your new graduate may be working that summer job that they love and have done for 3 years.  In general, we are supportive of that as a reasonable strategy for the summer. Senior year is stressful and if they can come home, do something they love where they are well regarded, and can relax, that can be fine.  But it is less fine if they aren’t preparing to get the job in the Fall when this job ends. It can actually be a problem if they aren’t doing informational interviews, making sure their resume and LinkedIn profile are strong, and zeroing in on what they hope to be doing come September.  We know from experience how hard it can be, and how long it can take, when they are starting cold in the Fall.

Or your young graduate may just be floundering.  Perhaps they are applying to jobs online and getting no responses.  They may not know what they want – and they are hoping to just land a job.  Or they are clear, but they are not hearing back at all. Or they are getting some responses but not making it past the first interview.

This can turn into a very debilitating cycle where young graduates lose confidence quickly and become anxious and/or depressed.  It turns out it is important to start helping these graduates this summer. If they get to the Fall and they don’t have a job or at least a strategy they are confident about, they can get very blue by the time everyone heads back to school in September.

We Would Love To Talk With Your Graduate

We can help.  If you can get your graduate to have a phone call with us we can almost always get them engaged and open to getting some support. As one of my clients who ended up with three job offers, but was initially seriously skeptical about working with a coach, said at the end of our first call, “I think I need another voice in my head other than my own or my parents.”

On average, if a student doesn’t have a job when they graduate it can take anywhere from three to nine months to land that first career position.  We significantly shorten that time for our clients. We love this work and the joy of helping new graduates land a job that they will love.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

We look forward to talking with you!