Smell Something Funny?

When you are networking or going to an interview you are aiming to make a lasting impression. A lasting POSTIVE impression! So I gotta tell you, how you smell matters. And I’m not just talking about the usual body odor suspects.

In the past week I had two college students stop by my office after apparently dousing themselves in cologne or perfume. It took hours for the scents to dissipate! Many people (including myself) are sensitive to strong perfumes, and for some people strong smells can even trigger migraines. Err on the side of caution and skip cologne or perfume – unscented or very lightly scented antiperspirant is all you need.

Another smell that can easily cost you a job or good opportunity is the smell of cigarettes. I’ve heard directly from hiring managers that they wouldn’t hire people who smell like cigarette smoke. Do not, under any circumstances, smoke before an interview. The smell can linger for hours and for many it’s a huge turn-off.

As you are probably starting to tell, Sue and I aren’t afraid to get really real with our clients! We’ll tell you things other people might find too embarrassing to talk about. Our goal is to help you become an irresistible candidate so that you have YOUR CHOICE of jobs when you’re on the market. Contact us for a free consultation.