SPECIAL! Winter Break Five Session Program

The holiday break is an excellent time for students to work on creating focus and building their networks.  This involves establishing hypotheses regarding their direction once they graduate, setting up a summer internship, and reaching out to people to share their goals and to conduct informational interviews.  

With an understanding of how the pandemic has altered the marketplace for internships and first jobs out of college we have created a five-session program designed for this extended holiday period. 

We will focus on:

  1. Understanding the landscape for internships and post-graduation jobs and developing 1-2 hypotheses of their career direction,
  2. Getting comfortable talking about these potential directions so they can do informational interviews; and developing a strong LinkedIn profile, 
  3. Identifying, expanding and engaging their network in support of their internship or career goals,
  4. Debriefing results of reaching out to their network and creating a plan for moving forward during the upcoming semester, and 
  5. One follow-up session on any topic of the student’s interest.  

Although this break might feel different this year as I read over prior blogs we have written on how students can make use of this holiday break, and how parents can be supportive without driving themselves and their students nuts, I came away feeling like the work is still the same.  The context is significantly different, and we need to acknowledge and pay attention to that – but this break is still the time to be creating focus and engaging the support, advice, and guidance of others. 

For more information on our Winter Break Program or any of our other career coaching programs we can be reached by email at sue@launchingu.com or by phone at 603-398-7278. The Winter Break Program is structured to get your student moving effectively and specially priced to be affordable.