“I would recommend LaunchingU’s career coaching to all those who are feeling lost and feel that their college resources are not beneficial. It was definitely a relief to graduate with a job!” – Becky, Vanderbilt

career coaching

Questions You Are Asking Right Now!

Q: Can’t I wait until after graduation to search for a job? I’m so busy right now!

A: No, you can’t afford to wait! If you graduate from college without a job, or at least a clear plan, it will take you, on average, 7 months to land a professional job. We know that you are busy, but if you start your career development work while you’re in college it takes much less effort than if you wait. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the resources and networking opportunities on campus and incorporate the work organically into your daily life.

Q: Why would I need a career coach? I have a career center on campus!

A: There is, on average, one career counselor on campus for every 1700 students. Moving into your first job is a confusing and overwhelming process. You deserve one-on-one support during one  of life’s most important transitions – from college into career.

Q: Isn’t career coaching really expensive? I think I can figure it out on my own.  

A: Career coaching typically costs about one month’s entry-level salary. We can help you land a job much sooner than the average seven months after graduation. Career coaching pays for itself, plus saves you months of frustration and disappointment. 

How We Will Help YOU:

  • Focus. We can help you get clearly on the right kind of career for you – one where you will thrive.
  • Differentiate. We help you create a track record of accomplishments and communicate your strengths, passions and talents.
  • Build your team. We will help you develop and leverage a strong network of people. We introduce you to people who will be interested in supporting your efforts.
  • Build Skills. We will help you develop skills and tools that make you an irresistible candidate.
  • Plan. We will help you build your job search plan and then support you while you work your plan.