Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

OK!! Once you’ve read our blog posts on finding an internship and choosing the best internship for you, you’ll be ready to learn how to make the most of it! Unfortunately, there are few resources available to help employers set up strong internship programs. We think this is one of the reasons that we’ve had way too many clients come to us and tell us their internships weren’t worth it. They didn’t learn anything valuable and ended the summer frustrated.

You, however, can take control and still get a ton out of any internship. To do this, you need three broad goals in mind.

1) You want to end the summer knowing a lot more about what industries, career paths and companies would be a good fit in the future for you.

OBSERVE the people around you, what are they doing? Are they happy in their work? What skills are they using every day? Do you think you could be good at that too? ASK a lot of questions. How did your new co-workers build their careers? What do they like and dislike about the company and industry? And lastly, ACT. Be brave and take a risk, see if you can take on a project or work directly with a client. See how it feels to step into your new professional persona. Could you see yourself doing this work every day in the future?

2) Gain marketable skills.

It is critical that you end your internship with a strong new section on your resume. A company name and internship title are not enough – you want to show that you went above and beyond in your work and were recognized by supervisors and peers.

3) Expand (or start!) your professional network.

Talk to people, ask them questions, let them know you are interested in learning about their professional roles. Towards the end of your internship ask if you can connect to them on LinkedIn. If you have a good relationship with your supervisor, ask if you can use them as a professional reference in the future.

We are so passionate about helping you MAKE THE MOST of your internships this summer that we are gathering EVERYTHING WE KNOW about successful internships and putting it all together into an online course just for interns. Acing Your Internship will run totally online (so you can take it from anywhere!) and give you the tools you need for a successful internship experience. Please join us!

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