March Madness isn’t Just for Basketball – Time to Lock down that Summer Internship!

According to Burning Glass, a research organization that focuses on internship data, if you aren’t looking for a summer internship RIGHT NOW, you will likely have missed out. Burning Glass states:

“If you wait until the end of the semester to get an internship, you have waited too long. Recruiting for internships begins in January and peaks in March. Then demand begins to taper off sharply. There is a small second bump in September for term-time internships as the school year begins.”

Eeeep! That’s a lot of pressure! Let’s all take a deep breath and think this through. LaunchingU is here to help you! Finding the right internship will take some effort on your part, but will pay off hugely. In fact, internships have been found to be more important than your coursework when finding a job.

How do you find a summer internship? Here are three great avenues:

  1. Networking. Develop an elevator pitch geared towards finding an internship, and start spreading the word to your personal and professional contacts. Make sure your Linkedin is updated, and reach out to established and new contacts – tell them you are looking for a summer internship.
  2. Through Your University. Visit your career center, talk to your professors, and reach out to your alumni center.
  3. Internship Job Sites. There are many. We like and There are many niche sites as well, for example is a good one for NGOs and non-profits. If you find one that sounds interesting, please do a few things before applying online. First, search Linkedin, and see if anyone in your extended network has contacts in that company. Second, contact your alumni center and find out if any alums from your university work there. If you find connections, ask them to do an informational interview with you. Ask them what the company is looking for in an intern, and use their answers to tailor your resume and cover letter with some “inside information.” If they are willing to submit your resume to HR or the hiring manager directly, you’ll have a huge leg up.

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P.S. Keep an eye on our blog and website for a big announcement about the online “Ace Your Internship” workshop we’ll be offering this summer! We’ll be pulling together all of our most successful tools to help you have a fun and worthwhile summer internship experience.

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