Support To Parents of Unemployed Recent College Graduates

We are offering a free parent session to all parents of recent graduates facing unemployment during Covid-19. We are here to help email us at

A Note to Parents of Unemployed Recent College Graduates

Unfortunately, this title accurately describes most parents of recent college graduates.  Among many things that are hard right now, it is a tough year to be the parent of an unemployed college graduate.

As career coaches who work specifically with college students and new graduates, we speak with parents of young people who are struggling just about every day. We are all coping with massive uncertainty, and each individual experiences this in different ways, and we know that when our children are struggling, we are struggling.  

We love our conversations with parents because we know we can help alleviate some of the stress they are experiencing. Not every parent that we talk to hires us to work with their student, and that is fine, but they all walk away with a little relief.  Parents who call tell us that these conversations are useful to them in very practical ways, and that they can shift the dynamic in the conversation with their young graduate, and we are delighted when we can be of assistance.  

Please accept this as an invitation to any of you parents of new graduates to reach out and give us a call (603) 398-7278 for a free session.  We promise this is not a sales call, we understand what you are experiencing and want to share our expertise to help you. Maybe it is just to vent, maybe it helps to just realize that what you are seeing your student struggle with is universal right now, but often we can talk about practical tips that are helpful in your relationship with your son or daughter as you try to support them through this very challenging time. We will share how we approach supporting students as they grapple with dramatically limited opportunities, listen to how you are working with your young graduates, and share our perspectives and advice that other parents have shared with us. 

It would be our pleasure to talk with each of you. We can be reached at (603) 398-7278 or by email at