The College Home Stretch – Class of 2018

To The Parents of the Class of 2018

If you are like I am, you are looking at your son or daughter who is about to graduate college and you are dumbfounded at where the time went.  How are they suddenly young adults about to go out in the world? How has so much time passed since you were reading to them before they went to bed?

Yet, of course, it has.  This is such cause for celebration.  Whether they will graduate with a 2.6 or a 3.8, whether they have breezed through college or struggled along the way, they are about to graduate college.  They are headed around the final turn and are about to move out into the next phase of their lives.

About 22% of them they know where they are headed.  They have accepted a job offer they are hopefully excited about and are on their way.  For the rest of the Class of 2018 – they do not know where they are going yet. Some of them are in process.  Their resumes are strong, they have confidence in their ability to interview, and they know what they want. They have harnessed their network to support them, and they are actively engaged in their job search.  Good for them!

But about half of the rest of them are unengaged in this question of what is next – or at least in the process of being prepared to be that irresistible candidate that gets the job.  If this is your soon-to-be young professional, I am writing to you. I am guessing that by the holidays you knew they didn’t have a plan and weren’t ready. Your attempts to engage them in conversation about this may have been met with stony silence or tears or an insistence that they cannot think about this until AFTER graduation.  

How A Career Coach Can Help

We can help.  We can’t promise now that they will have a job by graduation, but we can promise that they will be engaged in the process, that they will understand what they need to do to get into a professional role, and that they will have someone supporting them.  When we start with soon-to-be graduates before they leave college, they gain confidence because they are in motion. They are eating the elephant one bite at a time. This window often closes by the end of April. At that point they are too emotionally absorbed by all that goes with this transition to start up a coaching process, and it typically doesn’t open again until mid-June. We would love to get started with your soon-to-be graduate and help them end college with their shoulders squared to the future.

Of course, we start work with many students after they graduate, sometimes many months after they graduate.  But these clients tend to be a bit bruised and to have lost confidence. Ultimately these clients, if they do the work, are successful. They find good jobs, but it is a heavier lift for them. They are away from their support system of college and often back home feeling like they missed the bus.  When a graduate leaves college without a job, it takes between 3 and 9 months on average for them to get that first professional role. We can shorten that period by starting now.

At LaunchingU we partner with students and their families to help the young graduate move into their careers with confidence and focus.  If you can get them to a phone call with us, we can convince them that this is support that they could use – and that it is not a frightening or overwhelming process.  Feel free to reach out to us at and we will help you plan how to get them to that phone call with us.  

PS: Whether they start with us now or not, no matter how concerned you are, take time to celebrate this milestone!

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