The Time to Start Securing Your Summer Internship is Today (or maybe yesterday)

There was an interesting article in Forbes last year by Nick Morrison that covered the fact that over two-thirds of employers hiring new graduates across a range of roles expected their new grad hires to have had at least two internships. And, over one third of companies expected candidates to have had three internships.  There are a million problems with this, including the impact it has on students who must earn money during summers. But however unfair this may be, the expectations track with my work with college graduates just entering the workforce.  

All my clients who graduated with a job last Spring, had done at one or more quality internships as students.  Outside of a strong GPA, it is clear that the most important thing students can do to get that first job, is have quality internships. And – quality matters.  By quality I don’t necessarily mean you are interning at a Fortune 100 company.  It means that you have genuine opportunities to learn, to grapple with real problems and produce real results.  

So, start now by figuring out what the timetable is for being considered for internships in fields that you are interested in.  Understand the geography that will work for you and whether the internship is likely to be paid or unpaid and what that means for you.  Find companies or organizations that you are interested in interning for. Download our 5 tips for getting started on securing your summer internship on our homepage.  

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