Why Hire a Career Coach for your College Senior?

Your student will gain confidence and career transition skills that will last a lifetime.

Young people just starting their careers now are expected to change careers multiple times over the course of their working years. A Career Coach provides support and guidance. Give them the gift of support during their first massive career transition

College career centers are under-resourced and can’t offer your student one-on-one support. The average number of students that one college career center administrator serves is 1765. We teach our coaching clients to use the resources that career centers offer effectively.

Most college graduates remain unemployed for 3-9 months after graduation. That’s on average! Many young people are unemployed for much longer. With support, your student has a much better chance of getting a great job faster.

Your student (and you!) will be much less stressed out, knowing they are working towards a diploma and a job. It may be counter-intuitive, but we’ve found that our clients are less worried when they start career planning early. They know they are taking positive steps forward rather than letting their fears fester.

The cost of coaching is less than one month’s entry-level salary. Coaching pays for itself quickly when your student lands a good job much faster.

For motivated seniors that start early, we offer a money-back guarantee. We believe in our program, and in your student.

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