Yes! College Students Do Need Career Coaching!

We know that many of you – students and parents – wonder why you even need to consider career coaching for college students. You might be thinking that colleges and universities have great career service offices that help all students find jobs. You also might think that college students should focus solely on their studies, and worry about employment later, or that students just naturally figure it out. Unfortunately, it’s not true that most college students are already getting the career help that they need, and if career development is ignored during the college years students miss out on some amazing opportunities. When they finally do begin thinking about their career, they can easily start behind and end up under-employed.

College students need career coaching because:

  • Career Services offices typically have only a few staff members serving thousands of students. Most students don’t use career services at all, and those that do have limited access to the staff. Most students are directed to job and internship databases and given boilerplate tools for building resumes and cover letters. Career coaches have the time and resources to offer much deeper and more individualized support to students.
  • If a college student waits until after graduation to start planning for their career, they will have missed out on hundreds of opportunities to network, build their resumes and make informed early career choices.
  • By investing just a few hours a week, a college student will graduate with a clear plan. Students will enjoy their senior year so much more knowing they are on a great path after graduation.
  • Many students are highly anxious about networking and interviewing, but it doesn’t get easier without help and practice. Career coaches help students overcome their fears so they can go into uncomfortable situations with confidence.
  • Career coaching works. Many of our clients find great jobs before graduation, having developed transition skills that will serve them throughout their careers. Most of our clients are gainfully employed with their careers successfully launched within 45 days of graduation.