Yes, Your College Student Should Go to Their Career Fair

Why are career fairs important?

It is August and parents I talk with are anxious about their student’s engagement with the question of what they will be doing after college.  If you are in the same situation as these parents, you know that this is not a conversation your students want to have.  Eyes are rolling and for most college seniors, the Fall Career Fair is not even on their radar.

We know that career fairs are not all created equal, and many are not high quality.  But not going to the job fair is a significant missed opportunity for your student. They all offer the opportunity to start engaging with perspective employers and to practice introducing themselves as young professionals.  More importantly, year over year, about 25% of our clients are introduced to their future employer at a career fair at college.

But the ones that get jobs through these events work for it.  They don’t just show up, they research the companies, they prepare their resumes, they dress the part, and they are ready to interview. In other words:

They take the opportunity seriously and are prepared!

Most schools start their job fairs in the fall, and often in late September, so the time to start preparing for them is now.

If you feel like they need more support than they are going to get at career services, or they don’t have faith in career services, we are offering a special package to get your student ready to have a successful career fair.

Download our “5 Tips to Help Your College Student Prepare For Their Career Fair” tip sheet here.